Work Experience in Schools


If you are looking to pursue a career in teaching it is vital that you get into schools and experience what life as a teacher is really like. Often we make judgements about teaching based on our own experience as life as a student, but it can be very different seeing things from the other side of the classroom.

This programme is available to potential applicants. You will be able to spend up to three days gaining experience in one of our schools prior to applying for an ITT course.  You will be given the opportunity to observe and engage in lessons.

To arrange school experience, for either Primary or Secondary, please contact the School Experience Programme on 0800 085 0962 or at  Please note you will need to search under Secondary General as opposed to an individual subject.

There is an administration cost of £10 per day for some subjects.


1st Day – Induction

Induction and tour of school

Lower School student track to experience a variety of lessons taught by a variety of staff

Review with School Lead at the end of the day to discuss future plans

2nd and 3rd Day

Time in department to experience specific subject area

Opportunities to meet with current School Direct trainees

Review with School Lead to discuss further days of experience and School Direct application process

 At the end of each day you will receive a certificate of attendance to use as evidence when applying for ITT courses.

If you book one of our Primary experience days, you will need to arrange a short visit to Great Sankey High School to provide photo identification and proof of current address.  Please contact Clare Delmont, the Teaching School Administrator to arrange an appointment 01925 724118 ext. 1011 or

School Experience

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